What Are Some Supplies Recommended for Preppers?

What Are Some Supplies Recommended for Preppers?

Supplies recommended for preppers include water filters or purification tablets; long-term food supplies, such as canned fruits and vegetables or freeze-dried goods, body armor and weapons; flashlights; precious metals, such as gold or silver; heavy duty clothing and footwear; and tents or Bivvy Bags, according to The Prepper Journal. Some form of heat source is also recommended, such as a kerosene heater or wood burning stove. Recommended hygiene and first-aid supplies include shampoo, soap, toothpaste, bandages, fish antibiotics, bleach, quick lime, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

It is also recommended to have plastic bottles to store water in and a yard wagon to transport the filled bottles. Some other food supplies for preppers include rice, beans, flour, salt, sugar, honey, powdered milk and vinegar.

For lighting and power, preppers are advised to have rechargeable batteries and gas-powered generators, along with plenty of gas cans. Headlamps are recommended over handheld flashlights because it provides light while also keeping the hands free for other tasks.

Recommended tools and repair equipment include duct tape, wrenches, rope, zip ties, a chain saw and a decent hammer.

Finally, entertainment and communication supplies, including a ham radio, books, cards and Frisbees are suggested, as stated by The Prepper Journal.