What Are the Supplies Needed for Making Maple Syrup?


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A drill, spiles, collecting containers, an evaporating pan and a storage tank are some of the supplies to use when making maple syrup. Other supplies include a heat source, a thermometer, a filter and a hydrometer and hydrometer cup. Storage containers are also needed for the finished maple syrup.

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What Are the Supplies Needed for Making Maple Syrup?
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The electric or hand drill is used to tap the trees. Once tapped, a plastic or metal spiles are placed in each tap hole in the tree to serve as a collecting spout. The collecting container is used to catch the sap. The storage tank is useful when collecting a large quantity of sap.

A large lasagna dish can be used as an evaporating pan. The heat source is used to heat the sap in order to allow the steam to release and leave the syrup. A reliable calibrated thermometer, such as a candy thermometer that reads up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, is also required.

A hydrometer and hydrometer cup allow for measurement of the syrup's density. If the syrup is too thin, it may spoil prematurely. If it is too thick, it may form sugar crystals during storage. The filter should be of high quality in order to handle hot maple syrup and it must be specifically designed for maple sugaring. The storage container should be clean, of food grade quality with an airtight seal, and able to handle temperatures of 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

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