What Supplies Are Needed for Fruit Packaging?


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Larger, more durable fruits like apples, oranges and grapefruits may be packaged in large cardboard boxes, while small, fragile fruit such as grapes and berries often require small plastic containers. The way a fruit is packed may also depend on whether or not it needs to be transported over long distances.

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For packaging apples in bulk, growers and sellers may use a cardboard bushel box. A bushel box is a corrugated cardboard box, usually built with handle cut-outs on either side. The top half of the box fits over the bottom half, covering the sides. Bushel boxes are appropriate for transporting apples in vehicles. Apples sold directly from the orchard may be placed in paper or plastic bags.

Blueberries and strawberries are frequently packaged in clamshell boxes. These boxes are made from plastic. Clamshell boxes open on a hinge and usually have a snap closure mechanism. Berries sold directly from the farm may also be placed in pint or quart-sized cups. These cups are made from cardboard pulp and are open on the top.

For added protection a seller may choose to wrap the pulp cup in plastic film, covering the berries. In supermarkets, fruits with a tough rind like oranges or grapefruits may be packaged in mesh bags.

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