What Supplies Do You Need for Maple Syrup Tapping?


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To tap a maple tree, an individual needs a brace and bit, a hammer, spiles, a bucket and lid, a 5-gallon collection bucket, a large, clean plastic garbage can and an evaporator. People typically use a brace with a 3/8-inch bit to drill a tapping hole into the tree.

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People typically hammer a commercially purchased or homemade spile into the hole to let the sap run out into a covered bucket hanging from the tube. If people tap several trees, they collect sap regularly in 5-gallon buckets. If the temperature stays below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, sap stores safely in the large garbage can. The evaporator is a large, heatproof shallow metal pan that typically rests over a wood fire stove, although some people do the evaporation process on stove tops.

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