How Do You Find a Supplier for Food-Grade Propylene Glycol?


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Suppliers for food grade propylene glycol include Froggy's Fog and Essential Depot. It can be purchased in a variety of sizes through these suppliers' websites as well as through several other suppliers on Amazon.com.

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Propylene Glycol has a wide variety of uses that become even more diversified when it is food grade. It is commonly used in antifreeze solutions, as a solvent, as coolant and as a moisturizing agent. Quotidian products it may be found or used in include lotions, massage oils, cosmetics, food, hand sanitizers and e-cigarettes. To be safely used in foods, e-cigarettes and other products that may be ingested, inhaled or otherwise absorbed into the human body, propylene glycol must be food grade.

Features that many suppliers offer include production in the United States, 100 percent purity, resealable containers, HDPE containers, high clarity levels and kosher standards. All propylene glycol, especially that which is food grade, should only be used when it is sold in an unopened, fully sealed container. Froggy's Fog and Essential Depot both advertise this on their products and both suppliers maintain ratings higher than four out of five stars on Amazon.com reviews of its food grade propylene glycol. It is generally sold by them and other suppliers in sizes by the quart or gallon.

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