What Is Sucanat Sugar?


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Sucanat is a brand name for dehydrated cane juice that was introduced in the 1970s and is a registered trademark of Ragus Holding, Inc. Sucanat is an abbreviation of "sucre de canne natural," or "sugar cane natural."

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Sucanat is produced by extracting the juice from crushed sugar cane and then heating it until it becomes syrupy. The juice is hand-paddled until it has cooled, leaving behind the dried granules. This process leaves behind all of the trace minerals found in the cane sugar, including iron, vitamin B6 and potassium. The process also retains impurities, as well as 100 percent of the molasses content, which results in brown coloring and a molasses taste. This quality adds a depth of flavor to most recipes. Sucanat can be substituted for brown or white sugar.

While the glucose index of Sucanat is slightly less than white sugar, it still contains 88 percent sucrose and should not be considered a health food. It is high in calories and should be used in moderation. The same risk factors of over-consumption of white sugars apply to Sucanat. When sugars are not burned by the body, they turn into fat and can impair the body’s ability to regulate insulin.

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