What Is a Substitution for Crystallized Ginger?

If a recipe calls for crystallized ginger, substitute a tablespoon of crystallized ginger with 1/8 teaspoon of ground ginger. Crystallized ginger, also known as candied ginger, is not a seasonal item, and can generally be purchased throughout the entire year. It is fresh ginger that has been slowly cooked in syrup, and then rolled in coarse sugar for preservation purposes.

Crystallized ginger is used in numerous recipes because it offers a sweet yet spicy taste and a delightful ginger aroma that adds character to many dessert recipes. It can also be easily made at home. Crystallized ginger should be stored in airtight containers for up to 3 months in a dark and cool environment.

Crystallized ginger is mostly incorporated into recipes for its flavor. It does not contain any fat or essential vitamins and nutrients.

When substituting crystallized ginger for ground ginger, keep in mind that ground ginger does not have the same amount of sugar content, and will not be as sweet. Make sure to modify the recipe by taste to determine whether more sugar may need to be added separately. Generally speaking, this will not be a problem, as most recipes typically only call for a dash of crystallized ginger.