What Is a Substitute for Pine Nuts?


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Sliced or slivered almonds, pistachios or a combination of the two can provide a substitute for pine nuts. Asian pine nuts are typically less expensive than Italian "pinolis" but are known to have a bitter aftertaste and high oil content.

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Pesto sauce is one of the most common culinary uses for pine nuts. As of 2014, supply shortages of pine nuts, attributable to insects and increased temperatures, have increased prices to as much as $120 per pound. Asian pine nut harvests have also diminished but still cost about half the price of pinolis. Their high oil content also results in a short shelf life. Pistachios mixed with toasted almonds provide similar results in pesto sauce with the addition of some parsley to cut sweetness. Additionally, the green color of pistachios blends well in the green sauce.

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