How Do You Substitute Dried Herbs for Fresh Herbs in a Recipe?


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Substitute dried herbs for fresh herbs in a recipe by using one-third the amount of dried herbs as the recipe calls for with fresh herbs. Dried herbs are typically more concentrated with a more potent flavor, so only a third of the amount is needed. If a fresh herb is the main tasting point of the dish, do not substitute a dried herb for the fresh herb. Pesto is an example of a dish that requires fresh, not dried, basil.

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Dried herbs should be stored out of light, in a dry and cool location. If a dried herb has been opened for an extended length of time, it will lose its potency in both smell and taste. Check the freshness of a dried herb by looking for a strong green color that hasn't faded and by crushing a few leaves to smell a strong aroma. Different types of herbs have a different tastes and potency levels. Adjust each dish as necessary to reflect the potency of the dried herbs.

Fresh herbs should be wrapped in a paper towel and stored in a resealable plastic bag in the refrigerator. When cooking with fresh herbs, add them at the end of the cooking process to ensure they maintain their bright colors and flavors.

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