What Are Some Street Names for Alcohol?

Some street names for alcohol include booze, juice, hard stuff, brew, hooch and liquid courage. Other less common street names include dats soda, 12-ounce curls, vino, moonshine and sauce.

These street names are used by both children and adults, but it is important to understand the lingo in order to discern if a child may be experimenting with alcohol. Some popular alcohol activities include beer bongs and jello shots. Other lingo pointed toward the consumption of alcohol are the terms pregame, which could indicate drinking before a sports event; and crunk or crunked, which refers to being intoxicated.

According to drug and alcohol treatment centers, such as Casa Palmera, roughly 40 percent of children have at least tried alcohol by the eighth grade. It is important for parents to sit down and talk with their children about the dangers of intoxication and alcohol prior to or during middle school years. Some ways that alcohol can harm the body include interruption of fine motor skills, liver disease and an increase of the likelihood of cancers. Alcohol is also linked to many problems, such as driving under the influence, violence and theft. If a parent believes that their child has an alcohol problem, they should seek help from a treatment center or hospital immediately.