Why Are Strawberries so Good for You?


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Diana Herrington from Care2.com explains that strawberries are a healthy addition to the diet because they are high in fiber and make a great low-calorie snack. Strawberries aid in heart, bone and eye health and reduce inflammation within the body. Strawberries also contain phenolic compounds in their red pigment that help the body to burn fat and improve short-term memory.

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In addition to the anthocyanins that burn fat, strawberries provide nitrate to the body, which helps to oxygenate the blood and promote weight loss. The biotin contained within strawberries has been proven to support the growth of healthy nails and hair. Strawberries are also believed to slow the process of aging by contributing ellagic acid to the skin, resulting in improved elasticity and firmness.

Herrington cautions that some people can experience an adverse reaction to the oxalates found within strawberries. Excessive consumption may lead to health complications for people who suffer with gallbladder or kidney problems, but as of 2013, this concern requires additional research.

Greta Lorge of Stanford University states that strawberries are technically not classified as berries. Instead, they belong to a group of fruits called "accessory fruits," due to the manner in which they are grown on the plant. This is also true of raspberries.

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