What Are Some Strategies for Making Good Pickleball Shots?


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Coaches consider the serve and the return of serve to be the most important pickleball shots. One strategy for making good pickleball shots is for the serving player or team to reach the net before the receiving player or team and hit the ball softly into the no volley zone. Coaches advise returning serves softly to allow time for reaching the non volley line.

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Coaches stress that players should emphasize ball placement over power. Some advise players to aim the ball at their opponents' feet or to their backhand side, making the ball harder to return. Coaches advise players to keep the ball in play utilizing easy shots rather than powerful kill shots and to vary the spin and speed of their shots to surprise opponents.

According to pickleball coaches, it is essential for players to master the dink shot. They assert that the dink prevents opponents from gaining an offensive advantage. If the opposing player or team is at the net, considered the strongest position in the game, the best choice might be this soft shot that doesn't allow a forceful return. Varying the placement of dink shots is a good strategy. If the opponent is at the baseline, rather than the net, deep shots are preferable to dinks, as dinks in this situation allow the other player to reach the net.

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