What Stores Sell Uncle Ben's Converted Rice?

What Stores Sell Uncle Ben's Converted Rice?

Jet.com, Amazon.com and Walmart are three stores that sell Uncle Ben's converted rice, as of 2015. Although Jet.com and Amazon.com are online marketplaces, Walmart features the product online and in its brick-and-mortar locations.

Jet.com sells a 32-ounce box of Uncle Ben's converted rice for about $4, as of 2015. Jet.com also offers volume discounts for purchases of multiple boxes at one time, with $.22 off for the purchase of two boxes and $.45 off for the purchase of three boxes.

Amazon.com's inventory includes the 16-ounce box, the 32-ounce box and the 5-pound bag of Uncle Ben's converted rice, which sell for roughly $6 to $16, depending on the seller. SundayFloridaStore and MeagaDeal are two such sellers, and the latter offers free shipping.

Walmart also sells the 5-pound bag of Uncle Ben's converted rice. The list price is approximately $7.50, with free shipping for online orders of $50 or more. Walmart.com also allows website visitors to confirm that any product viewed online is in stock at nearby stores.

UncleBens.com has a store locator that tells which nearby vendors sell its products, although the feature does not necessarily reflect each vendor's actual in-store quantities. Inputting a ZIP code, distance radius, product name and size retrieves the relevant information, which accompanies a map, the approximate number of miles each store is located from the inputted ZIP code and driving directions.