What Are Some Stores That Sell Sassafras Root?

Sassafras root bark, cut and sifted, is for sale on AmericanSpice.com and BulkApothecary.com. AmericanSpice.com doesn’t specify the origin of its sassafras root, but BulkApothecary.com mentions that its sassafras root is wildcrafted.

The “root” in root beer used to refer to sassafras root until its mass-production ban in 1960 by the Food and Drug Administration. Today, consumers mostly brew tea and micro-brewed root beer with sassafras root bark. BBQrsDelight.com reports that sassafras imparts a mild, musky sweet flavor to smoked or grilled meats. AmericanSpice.com sells sassafras root in 2-ounce bottles, 8- and 16-ounce bags, and 5-pound boxes. BulkApothecary.com offers a 4-ounce bottle and a 1-pound bag of sassafras root.