What Are Some Stores That Sell Red Hots Candy?

stores-sell-red-hots-candy Credit: brian gautreau/CC-BY-SA 2.0

As of August 2015, Walgreens and Walmart sell Red Hots candy in some local stores. Availability varies, so consumers should check the retailers' websites to see if nearby stores have the item in stock. Amazon.com and Old Time Candy offer Red Hots online.

Ferrara Pan Candy Company developed Red Hots during the 1930s. They are miniature hot cinnamon sweets. Red Hots are considered a type of cinnamon imperial candy, which is simply a hard cinnamon-flavored candy. In addition to being enjoyed as small treats, Red Hots are sometimes ingredients in recipes for dishes such as candy-coated strawberries, hot cinnamon cider, Red Hot martinis and extra-strong cinnamon rolls.