What Are Some Stores That Sell Dry Ice?

stores-sell-dry-ice Credit: masahiro Makino/Moment/Getty Images

Consumers can purchase dry ice from nationwide suppliers of industrial gas such as Airgas and Continental Carbonics. Dry ice is also available for purchase at some locations of stores like Safeway and Baskin-Robbins.

Industrial gas suppliers are the most reliable and cheapest source of dry ice. Airgas is the dry ice supplier with the most locations nationwide, over 4500 as of June 2015. Besides its own retail stores, Airgas stocks many grocery store locations, including Safeway, Kroger and Publix, with the company's Penguin brand dry ice blocks. Continental Carbonics is regional supplier of dry ice with locations covering most of the eastern United States. DryIceDirectory.com maintains a database of smaller niche dry ice retailers.