Which Stores Sell Decaffeinated Acid-Free Decaf Coffee?

Tyler's Coffee and CoffeeSpecialties.com sell decaffeinated acid-free coffee. Other vendors, including Trader Joe's, Target and Walmart, sell decaffeinated coffee with an extremely low acid content.

One of the most popular brands of acid-free decaffeinated coffee is Tyler's Coffee, which is available from the manufacturer's website as a single purchase or via subscription. Tyler's offers ground and whole-bean acid-free coffee.The company also sells alkaline testing kits and a line of pitchers that remove acid from the water used in home coffee brewing.

Another popular low-acid coffee is Trader Joe's Organic Fair Trade Sumatra. This medium-robust coffee has a naturally low acid content, although it is not completely acid-free.

Acid-free and low-acid coffee are popular among individuals suffering from heartburn, stomach ulcers and other digestive problems.They are also gentle on tooth enamel and have a naturally sweeter flavor than other types of coffee, according to Tyler's Coffee. These products lack compounds found in traditional coffee that stimulate stomach acid production, as stated by Rodale Foundation. To remove these compounds, coffee producers treat the beans with steam, ethyl acetate or other solvents before roasting and grinding.

Some manufacturers of reduced-acid coffee offer both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions. However, caffeine promotes stomach acid production, according to Rodale Foundation. Consequently, many individuals with sensitive stomachs prefer decaffeinated acid-free coffee.