What Stores Carry Keurig Vue Cups in Variety Packs?

Keurig Vue cups are available at national retailers like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, BJ's, Costco, Bloomingdale's, Target and Wal-Mart. However, store selection varies by location and there are thousands of stores that sell the Vue cups across the country. There is also a Keurig store in Burlington, Massachusetts, that has a wide selection Keurig products.

Keurig Vue products are part of a different brewing system that uses a different type of packaging for its coffee. However, the Vue packs come in fewer varieties than the standard K-Cup.

The Keurig Vue brewing system brews one cup of coffee in less than a minute. The Vue line is unique from other Keurig K-Cup systems in that it allows a fully customizable user experience in which the customer can adjust the type of coffee, strength, and coffee temperature with the push of a touchscreen button. It's also possible to set the machine to turn on and off at a particular time. The tank of the Vue brewing system holds 74 ounces of water, has a built-in water filter, and alerts the user when the water level is low.

The Vue cups can only be used in the Keurig Vue machines, and they are recyclable. Vue cups are available for cappuccino, iced coffee, cocoa and cider.