How Do You Store Rice Long Term?


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To store rice for a long-term food supply, keep it in an air-tight, moisture-free container to prevent it from spoiling. The best types of storage containers for rice are food-grade buckets and lids.

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How Do You Store Rice Long Term?
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To begin, rinse out these food-grade buckets and their lids with a solution that is one part bleach and nine parts water. Thoroughly rinse the buckets after rinsing, and allow them to dry. After they dry, line these buckets with mylar bags, and proceed to fill them with the rice. Place several oxygen absorbers into the bag, and then seal it with an iron. Trim off the remaining mylar, place the lid on the bucket, and make sure it is tight by hammering it. After sealing the bucket, make sure to write exactly what is stored in it and the date it was prepared. Store the bucket in a constant temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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