How Do You Store Medjool Dates?

Store Medjool dates in an airtight container for up to one week at room temperature, or refrigerate them for up to six months in an airtight container. For even longer storage, freeze Medjool dates for up to one year in a freezer-safe storage bag or container.

During extended storage, the dates may develop sugar crystals under or on their skin. Dissolve these crystals by slowly heating the dates.

Medjool dates are available in most places throughout the year, but the season reaches its peak from October to December. A native tree to Morocco, the Medjool date palm is one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world. For over 5,000 years, it has been a fixture for people throughout the Middle East and North Africa, where its fruit is used as a food and the trees themselves are used for shelter, construction material and fuel.

Medjool dates can be used in salads, smoothies, cookies, breads and other desserts. They can be eaten raw or cooked. Soft, chewy and sticky, Medjool dates are an amber-brown color and feature distinct flavors of honey, caramel and cinnamon. Medjool dates contain a pit that must be removed prior to cooking or eating the fruit.