What Are Some Stinky Cheeses?


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Some stinky cheeses include Limburger, Langres, Gorgonzola, Senneflada, Munster, Camembert, Epoisses, Taleggio Latte Crude, Brie L'Original and Toma Maccagno. In general, the term stinky cheese refers to any cheese with a washed rind produced from raw, unpasteurized milk.

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Of all of the stinky cheeses, Limburger is the most famous for being stinky. It has been touted as "the world's stinkiest cheese." It was first cultivated in a region of Europe that is split between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. As of 2014, the only place where Limburger cheese is still cultivated in the United States is in the town of Monroe, Wisconsin. After Limburger, Epoisses has an odor so pungent that it is not permitted on public forms of transportation in the nation of France, a country that produces several of the stinkiest cheeses in the world.

The cause of the odor in stinky cheese is a bacteria called Brevibacteria. This same bacteria can also be cultivated from human flesh. When used to make cheese, it serves as a ripening agent that accelerates the maturation process. One researcher at UCLA used bacteria from humans to produce several different types of cheese. The cheeses were put on display at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

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