What Are Some Stewart's Soda Flavors?

Stewart's-brand soda flavors include root beer, birch beer, cream soda, orange and cream, and ginger beer. The Stewart's name also appears on a line of fruit-flavored sodas that include black cherry, peach and grape flavors. Stewart's offers diet versions of its root beer and orange and cream sodas.

In 1924, Frank Stewart opened his first root beer stand to sell his signature beverage and supplement his income. He then opened a series of drive-in restaurants and root beer stands that served the beverage in root beer mugs.

Cable Car Beverage Corporation bought the bottling rights for the root beer in 1990 and began selling the beverage in bottles, making Stewart's root beer available for the first time outside of the stands and drive-in restaurants. The Stewart's label introduced cream soda and ginger beer in 1992, with several other flavors following in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Birch beer, Wishniak black cherry, and strawberries and cream were the last flavors added to the label in 2001. The three drinks were regional releases to select markets.

Cadbury Schweppes acquired the beverage company in 2000 along with several other beverage labels. As of 2015, Stewart's brand sodas are part of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, which sells the full line of soda flavors.