What Steps Need to Be Completed in Order to Blanch Almonds?


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To blanch almonds, set them in boiling water before shocking them with cold water. Blanched almonds can then be used whole, halved or slivered in a variety of sweet and savory recipes.

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What Steps Need to Be Completed in Order to Blanch Almonds?
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To blanch almonds, place plain, raw almonds in a large bowl. Boil water, and pour the boiling water into the bowl so that the almonds are just covered. Let the almonds sit in the boiling water for one minute. Drain the bowl, rinse the almonds under cold water, and drain again.

Pat the almonds dry with a paper towel, and pinch off the skins. To do this, grip each almond between your thumb and pointer finger, and pinch. The almond should slide right out of its skin; if some of the skin sticks, scrape the rest off gently with your thumbnail. Let the almonds dry on a baking sheet. To keep the almonds from losing their crispness, do not leave the almonds in the boiling water for too long.

Blanched almonds can be used to make almond cookies, almond cakes, roasted almond and much more. Blanched almonds can also be ground to make blanched almond flour, which is a good gluten-free and low-carb alternative to other wheat-based flours.

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