What Are Some Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Candy Bouquet?


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Start with a sundae cup or small vase and a polystyrene ball that fits snugly into the opening, as well as some colored tissue paper, ribbon and lollipops of your choice. Fill the container with tissue paper, and wrap the polystyrene ball in the same. Now, place the ball securely at the top of the container. Working in rows, stake the lollipops to the ball until it is covered in a tight grouping of lollipops. Trim with a bow.

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Lollipops work well to create the look of a bouquet of roses. Choose one lollipop color, or work with a variety of colors.

Chocolate-covered strawberries make a good candy bouquet. Wash, dry and hull 15 to 20 strawberries. Using bamboo skewers, spear the strawberries, dip them in melted cooking chocolate, and add chocolate sprinkles to decorate. Prepare a container, such as a vase or glass. Fill the container halfway with marbles. Arrange the skewers in the container, allowing the marbles to hold them in place.

Another idea, also with lollipops, uses paper cupcake liners to make "petals." Choose cupcake liners that work with the lollipop colors. Fold a liner in half several times until you have a paper wedge. Trim the outer edge into a semicircle, and open up the liner. You have created petals. Create inner petals for your flower by centering on the outer petals a smaller, untrimmed liner that is big enough to accommodate the candy. Use craft glue to stick the two liners together and a toothpick to create a hole for the lollipop stick. Spear the lollipop flowers into a tissue-covered polystyrene ball, and place it in a decorated container of your choice.

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