Do All States Allow You to Apply for Food Stamps Online?

Do All States Allow You to Apply for Food Stamps Online?

As of March, 2015, all states do not have online applications for food stamps, also called or SNAP benefits; 38 states have online applications for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Alabama, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia are some states that allow individuals to apply online.

Each state has its own SNAP application. Application formats vary from state to state, but general material on the SNAP application includes questions to determine an applicant's living situation, residency, employments status, household members and income.

Some states with online SNAP applications also have a pre-screening tool that allows prospective clients to see if they are eligible for SNAP benefits before completing the application and, if eligible, what amounts of benefits they could potentially receive.

As of March, 2015, states with online SNAP applications require applicants to visit a SNAP office after submitting an application. This step in the application process enables applicants to furnish the SNAP office with any supporting documents or to have their case expedited, providing the applicant meets certain criteria. Approved applicants typically receive a SNAP electronic benefits transfer card within seven to 14 business days.

The United States Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service website has a complete list of states that offer online SNAP applications.