What Are Staple Foods of Canada?

staple-foods-canada Credit: Ruth Hartnup/CC-BY 2.0

Foods that Canadians consider classics include: Canadian bacon, maple syrup, venison and pemmican, poutine, salmon, lobster, smoked meats, Arctic char, goose and apples; for a drink on the side, Canadians opt for beer. Canadian foods derive from several natural sources, including the seas and the land. Some foods enjoy national popularity, such as Canadian bacon, while others, like poutine, derive from certain regions and prove popular in those areas.

Canadians enjoy many of their favorite foods plain, and make culinary dishes with others. Canadians enjoy Canadian bacon, for instance, as a standalone food item and in combinations, such as sandwiches and wraps. Canadian burgers with bacon and cheddar cheese make popular choices for using bacon, which has a higher meat content and less fat than American bacon.

Standard poutine is essentially French fries topped with cheese and gravy; combining the concoction with duck creates foie gras poutine, a more upscale version of the traditional Quebec favorite. Pemmican, which combines moose meat and dried cranberries, makes a popular, savory cold-weather dish.

Canadians living along the East Coast enjoy seafood, particularly salmon and lobster, while Canadians living along the northern shorelines dine on Arctic Char. Canadians also eat smoked meat, rubbed in special spices, which is native to Montreal. Sweet delicacies include maple syrup and pecan pies sweetened with syrup, along with apples and apple pies. Lastly, Canadians consider goose a delicacy and holiday favorite.