How Are Spring Onions Prepared?


Spring onions are prepared by washing, trimming them at the roots, then slicing them according to desired shape. As with red, white and yellow onions, the stems and roots of spring onions can be eaten raw or cooked. These onions are as versatile as their larger cousins, but more delicate, and require special preparation and storage.

Spring onions, like other produce, should be thoroughly washed prior to consumption. Rinsing the onions rids them of residual pesticides and fertilizer, and can wash away sand, dirt and other organic debris, too. After washing the onions, pat them dry to remove excess moisture. If the roots will be consumed, make sure to trim off the ragged roots first, as the roots are tough to chew and are not eaten typically. The bulbous part of the onion can then be sliced, diced or chopped according to preparation needs. The tops of the onions can be snipped across horizontally or diagonally; this step can be performed using kitchen scissors or by placing the onion flat on a cutting board and chopping with a knife. The onion tops can be used as garnishes, too. To do so, trim the tops into slim strands, then place in ice cold water for up to 30 minutes.