What Are Some Splenda Warnings?


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One warning about Splenda and other sucralose products is that they reduce the amount of positive and necessary bacteria in your intestines. Sucralose changes the quality and the number of beneficial microbes in the intestines by as much as 50 percent or more. These are the same positive microbes found in yogurt, and altering this number is associated with sudden obesity and weight gain.

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Splenda and similar products may also make medications less effective. The substitute makes therapeutic drugs less effective by limiting their absorption into the bloodstream. Drugs such as those for heart disease and cancer become less effective in those who regularly consume sucralose products.

Sucralose is known to release toxins when it is used in cooking. If you are looking for calorie-free and sugar-free recipes for baked goods, many recipes call for Splenda, which decomposes during the baking process. As the sucralose decomposes, it poses a higher risk of releasing toxic compounds that are known as chloroproanols.

Additionally, the products may change the way your body responds to a variety of internal changes. Sucralose may alter your body's response to insulin and change your blood sugar levels in drastic ways. Splenda is also associated with inflammatory bowel disease.

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