What Spices Are in Sausage Seasoning?

What Spices Are in Sausage Seasoning?

Salt, pepper, sage, red pepper and chile pepper are common among the spices found in a sausage seasoning. Additional spices typically included in sausage season include coriander, cumin, mace, garlic powder and onion powder.

At a minimum, a good sausage seasoning typically includes salt, pepper, sage, garlic and onion powder. Red pepper can be added to increase heat.

When adding garlic and onion, the powder versions work best because they are easy to measure. Additionally, their taste doesn't fade quickly, and they also provide for a better consistency. However, the taste of onion and garlic disappears quickly if the sausage is left to freeze for a time.

When adding pepper to sausage seasoning, a fine grind mixes more evenly than one ground by hand. The right salt is crucial to sausage making. Because kosher salt also contains large grains, avoid it when making sausage. Instead, try pickling salt. This salt doesn't have any additives and dissolves quickly due to its fine grains.

Purchase spices and seasonings in bulk to save on cost. Premade sausage seasonings are also available at certain retail locations. Typically, the same sausage seasoning that is used to season pork sausage is also suitable for use when making beef sausage.