What Is so Special About Turkey Egg Shells?


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Turkey eggs have tougher shell membranes as well as thicker shells than chicken eggs. Therefore, they are more durable and difficult to break compared to chicken eggs. Turkey eggs are also more valuable than chicken eggs due to their rarity.

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Turkey eggs are much more valuable than chicken eggs. This is due to the fact that turkey hens do not lay eggs nearly as often as chicken hens. While chicken hens lay eggs daily, turkey hens typically require more time to lay eggs. Turkey eggs are also more susceptible to being contaminated with the feed ingredients that turkeys consume. Because of these factors, turkey eggs are not generally consumed by the public. They are too valuable, and the regulation of feed ingredients would need to be in place to ensure they are safe for human consumption. Turkey eggs are therefore usually used for reproduction purposes only.

Turkey eggs can be substituted for chicken eggs, especially in baking. They are ideal because the egg in bigger in size, and the yolk is bigger in percentage. However, it is important to note that turkey eggs can vary greatly in size. Generally, the larger the turkey hen, the larger the egg. Therefore, egg size can be somewhat determined by using selective breeding processes.

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