What Are South Beach Frozen Meals?

The South Beach Diet line of frozen meals featured ready-made low-carb foods and portion sizes based on the popular South Beach Diet plan. In 2009, Kraft Foods, which had a license to produce South Beach Diet frozen meals, discontinued the products. The Home Shopping Network featured a 6-pack of South Beach Diet frozen entrées, an item which is out of stock as of 2014.

South Beach Diet meals prepared by chefs are available for home delivery, as of 2014. These home delivered meals are based on the three phases of the diet plan. Upon delivery, the meals are ready to eat within minutes. Prepared meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner, which are ordered by diet phase. For instance, a dieter on phase 1 selects meals that align with the beginning part of the plan. Phase 1 lasts for 14 days and is designed to eliminate cravings for foods containing sugar and starches. Prepared meals include dishes made with eggs, chicken, beans, steak, fish and vegetables. Meals in phase one are designed to help dieters lose up to 10 pounds.

There are a variety of South Beach Diet plan snack bars and smoothies available for purchase online and in shops. Diet bars are designed to be a low-calorie snack to eat between diet meals.