What Are Some Sources That Sell Muscadine Grape Juice?

Sources that sell muscadine grape juice include TheMotherVine.com and SweetwaterCellars.com. These online sources offer shipping to the customers' homes. Muscadine grape juice provides 50 percent less sugar than other grape juices. It contains no extra added sugar or alcohol.

TheMotherVine.com offers muscadine grape juice for sale by the case, with each case holding 12 bottles. SweetwaterCellars.com sells more than 15 kinds of muscadine grape juice. Its bottles, which come from the Dakotah Winery, Paulk Vineyards, Hinnant Family Vineyards, Tsali Notch Estate Vineyard and others, are available to order a bottle at a time. This retailer also offers a wine club where customers receive bottles of wine each month.