How Do You Soften White Sugar?

How Do You Soften White Sugar?

How Do You Soften White Sugar?

There are various ways to soften white sugar, but the easiest way is to break hardened chunks into the smallest pieces possible, and then blend them until softened. A second option is to simply dissolve the sugar in water and use as a sweetener for coffee, tea or juice.

  1. Break hardened chunks of sugar into small pieces

    Select a kitchen tool useful for applying force, such as a meat tenderizer, small pot or heavy metal spoon. Place hardened sugar in a large, shallow dish so the sugar stays contained. Using the mallet or spoon, break the chunks into small pieces with short, fast blows.

  2. Blend small pieces of sugar until smooth

    Pour small pieces of hardened sugar into a food processor or blender. Starting with the lowest setting and moving up as needed, blend the sugar until smooth. Aim for the consistency that white sugar has fresh out of the bag.

  3. Store sugar properly to prevent future hardening

    When the sugar is fully blended, measure the amount immediately needed. Pour the remainder into a sturdy container with a lid that securely fastens. Alternatively, use a reusable food storage bag. Store the container or bag in a dry place with low humidity to avoid future hardening.