How Do You Smoke Meat?


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To smoke meat, select your cuts of meat and prepare a smoker according to your preferred cooking settings. Different ways to smoke meat include using coals or different types of wood.

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To smoke the meat well, keep the heat steady and low. Different types of grills and systems require different settings to establish the strongest flavor profile. Choose your wood sizes according to the smoking effect you want to achieve, as hardwood charcoal is designed to burn at an intense clean heat for a short period of time, while briquettes are designed to burn at a medium heat over a longer period of time.

Smoking foods with different types of wood results in different flavors. Hardwoods such as oak, apple, pecan and hickory provide the food with the strongest flavor, and smoking duration and intensity determines how powerful the flavor is in the finished product. Before using the wood in a smoker, soak the wood in water for an hour or two to produce a longer-lasting flame. Wet wood smokes for a longer period of time than dry wood, which can burn away in a matter of minutes if you are not careful.

When using smaller chips and pieces of wood, soak the wood and wrap it in tin foil with punctured holes to keep it smoking even longer.

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