What Are Some Slow Cooker Recipes for a Crowd?

Good slow cooker recipes for a crowd include appetizer recipes that are easy to make using meatballs, chicken wings and miniature hot dogs. Slow cooker chili is a good choice for a group of eight people, and a warm dip made with beans and cheese is highly rated by reviewers.

Meatball recipes cooked in a slow cooker can serve up to eight or more people. A simple recipe uses one package of frozen meatballs, which are combined with sauce ingredients including chili sauce, whole cranberry sauce and Bavarian-style sauerkraut. Preparation takes a quick five minutes, and the meatballs cook in four hours.

The recipe for slow cooker chicken wings requires using 5 1/2 pounds of chicken wings with the tips removed. One bottle of chili sauce serves as a base for the wing sauce, and hot pepper combined with chili powder adds additional spiciness. Miniature hot dogs wrapped in bacon are an easy slow cooker appetizer that requires only three ingredients, yet yields up to 60 appetizers.

Two pounds of ground beef, diced tomatoes and kidney beans are what is needed to create a tasty slow cooker chili that serves up to eight people. A slow cooker dip, such as the bean and cheese dip featured at Betty Crocker website, serves up to 56 people.