What Are Some Slogans for Cupcakes?

Slogans for cupcakes often focus on the dessert's sugary side, as in, "A sweet thought for all occasions" and "For a sweet treat." Other sayings that center on this aspect of cupcakes include, "Sweets. Treats. Celebrations," "Tastefully sweet. Playfully unique," "Organic sugar makes it sweet" and "The making of sugar sweet sunshine."

Cupcakes slogans sometimes focus on flavor, such as "A matter of taste," "The cherry on top" and "We design delicious." Others concentrate on how purchasing cupcakes enhances life, including, "Cupcakes make people happy," "Delectable delights for special occasions" and "Everyday is a cupcake day." Others in this same vein are, "Make people happy… Serve more cake," "Everyone is happy with a cupcake in their hand," "Live for glamour," "Taste of romance," "Wild about cupcakes" and "The recipe to happiness."

Catchphrases for cupcakes can be humorous as well, as in, "Don’t worry… we’ve made more," "Legalize frostitution," "Cupcakes take the cake" and "Piggy is the new skinnie." Other examples are, "Seriously addictive cupcakes," "Practice random acts of cupcakes," "A little cupcake goes a long way" and "We take the cake."

At times, slogans concentrate on the production of cupcakes, including, "A family tradition continues," "Made from scratch. Baked fresh. Simply delicious," "What makes a great cupcake?" and "Mobile bakery… See you on the road."