How Do You Skin a Catfish?

How Do You Skin a Catfish?

Skinning a catfish is quite simple and the task can be accomplished using simple tools such as a three-foot, two-inch by six-inch wooden board; nails, hammer, a sharp knife and a pair of pliers, preferably fish-skinning pliers. Since catfish don't have any scales, their skin have evolved to become tough and becomes chewy when cooked. This is one of the reasons why some people prefer to skin catfish before cooking.

The following is one method of skinning a catfish.

Step 1

Nail the wooden board onto a flat, vertical surface, such as a tree or a wooden pole.

Step 2

Hang the fish onto the wooden board. The nail used for the board may be driven into the skull of the catfish or another nail may be driven through the skin below the lower jaw of the catfish into the board.

Step 3

Using a sharp knife, cut of the tail of the fish at the point where it joins the bone. This will also make freshly caught fish bleed out, which makes the meat taste better.

Step 4

Cut around the fish just below the head and just deep enough to cut through the skin. Make another cut along the back of the fish down to its tail and around the fins.

Step 5

Using the pliers, pull the skin downwards from the cut below the neck. Repeat the process until all of the skin has been stripped off. Pull off the fins using the pliers. Finish the skinning process by cutting the head off and removing the entrails.