What Sizes Do Jelly Beans Come In?


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Jelly beans are produced in various sizes ranging from pea-sized nubs to nickel-sized jumbo beans. The general size of jelly beans has shrunk since their American debut in 1861. The sugary snacks are marketed for their convenience and are typically created small enough to be finished off in one bite.

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An average jelly bean is oblong in shape and 2 cm long by about 1.5 cm in diameter.

Jelly Belly's Belly Flops are a collection of normally discarded imperfect jelly bean odds and ends. This product is marketed at a lower price and potentially contains the smallest produced jelly beans. Some are as small as a green pea. These beans are considered gourmet. They are more compact, both the shell and inside are flavored, and they come in a great variety of different colors and tastes.

Larger, more traditional jelly beans are marketed as old fashioned and are sold up to the size of a quarter. These beans differ from their gourmet cousins in that the shell generally contains most of the flavoring while the chewy inside is a simple sugar base. These candies don't possess the same variety of flavors and colors but are nostalgic and easy to eat.

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