What Are Some Simple Vegetable Recipes?


Simple vegetable recipes include easy to make microwave bean burritos and casseroles with main ingredients such as spinach, asparagus and green beans. Vegetable recipes can include complimentary ingredients, such as cheese, butter and milk, and cooks often use fresh vegetables, although frozen or canned vegetables can also be used.

Bean burritos are simple to make, especially when using a microwave to speed up the cooking process. This recipe requires one can of black beans combined with green chilis, onion and peppers. The bean mixture is heated for a few minutes in the microwave, and then it's spread in the middle of flour tortillas. Green bean casserole requires two packages of frozen green beans, which must be thawed ahead of time. The only work involved in this recipe is frying strips of bacon and chopping mushrooms.

Asparagus and spinach are at the heart of two good vegetable casserole recipes. Two bunches of fresh asparagus are used to make a simple asparagus casserole with a cheese topping. The asparagus are cooked for a few minutes and then mixed with a roux made of milk and flour. Spinach casserole also uses fresh spinach leaves and combines them with cubed red potatoes, onion and a cream sauce. The stand-out in this recipe is Muenster cheese, which is used in the filling and sprinkled on top.