What Is a Simple Recipe for Making a Rachel Sandwich?


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Martha Stewart offers a simple recipe for making a Rachel sandwich on her website, MarthaStewart.com. Martha featured the recipe on “The Martha Stewart Show” during a winter episode in January 2008. The recipes serves one person.

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To make a Rachel sandwich, begin by heating a large skillet or a griddle to medium-high heat. Layer 5 ounces of sliced roasted turkey breast on the griddle or in the skillet and allow the meat to cook for about one minute. Meanwhile, spread unsalted butter on one side of a slice of sourdough bread, and spread 2 tablespoons of Russian dressing on the opposite side.

Place the buttered bread with the butter side down on the griddle or in the skillet, and butter one side of the other slice of bread, also placing it buttered-side down on the griddle or in the skillet. Top the bread with 3 thin slices of Swiss cheese.

Turn the turkey as it cooks, and top it with 1/4 cup coleslaw, allowing it to cook for about two or three minutes to warm it through and melt the cheese. Place the turkey and the coleslaw between the bread. Remove from the heat, and slice the sandwich before serving.

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