What Are Some Simple Recipe Ideas Using Leftover Pork?


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Some simple recipes for leftover pork include pork sandwiches, pork quesadillas, pork scrambles and pork salad, all of which involve slicing or chopping the pork and incorporating it into the dish. Another simple recipe is Pork Supreme, which involves creating stew and serving it over noodles and vegetables.

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To create a pork sandwich, slice the meat to a thickness of your preference, and then add it to any type of bread with the appropriate condiments, along with items such as lettuce, tomato or cheese. For a pork quesadilla, cut the meat into cubes and heat in a pan, and then place aside. Sprinkle cheese into a tortilla and spread the meat throughout, then fold it over in half. Grill on a pan to melt the cheese. Similarly, cook chopped pork in a pan, and then add eggs, along with option items such as vegetables or cheese, to create a simple scramble.

A pork salad may consist of any type of lettuce and dressing, with optional additions such as almonds, apples, cheese or avocado as necessary, with cooked pork incorporated throughout. Make Pork Supreme by cooking the pork with butter, brown sugar, tomato sauce, milk and flour in a pan to make a thick sauce. Add in the necessary vegetables, such as chopped onions, and then pour over noodles.

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