What Are Some Simple Lunch Recipes?


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There is a wide variety of simple and easy lunch recipes, including turkey vegetable pitas, chicken-mushroom quesadillas and roast beef and cheddar roll ups. These recipes are simple, fast and can even take advantage of leftovers. Some of the recipes available take longer, but these three average 30 minutes or less on the time taken to prepare them.

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The turkey vegetable wrap recipe calls for specific vegetables, but if someone doesn't like those vegetables or if they want to add more its very simple to do. The recipe also calls for Miracle Whip spread, but it can be substituted for a different sandwich spread or mayonnaise, if desired.

The quesadilla calls for 2 cups of cooked chicken breast, which provides a great chance to use up leftovers from a previous meal. The chicken could also be substituted for turkey or steak, but the preparation time can fluctuate when these changes are made so it is wise to prep accordingly.

The roast beef roll ups are very simple yet flavorful thanks to the horseradish spread that is on the sandwich. The type of cheese and vegetables can be changed to taste, but cooks should keep in mind that this food is meant to be rolled up in a tortilla. Using thin-sliced vegetables or ones that lend themselves to rolling, like onions, can make this recipe easier.

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