What Is a Simple Guacamole Dip Recipe?


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Food Network's Marcella Valladolid publishes a simple guacamole recipe that calls for avocados, cilantro, onion and a serrano chile. The dip is seasoned with lime juice and kosher salt. To make Marcella's guacamole, select two ripe avocados. Peel, pit and chop the avocados and place into a medium bowl.

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What Is a Simple Guacamole Dip Recipe?
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Mash the avocado with a fork or potato masher until it is the desired consistency. Add 1/4 cup of washed and chopped cilantro leaves and a finely chopped serrano chile that has been seeded and deveined. Adjust the amount of serrano chile if you seek a spicier or milder guacamole. Dice half of a white onion and add it to the dip. Squeeze in the juice from a lime, stir everything together, and season with kosher salt to taste. Serve the guacamole with fresh tortilla chips or as an accompaniment to your favorite Mexican dish.

Exposure to air causes guacamole to turn brown quickly. One tip to help avoid browning is to seal the guacamole with plastic wrap, molding the plastic against the dip to keep air out. Other tips include adding water or lime juice to the top of the bowl before sealing it with plastic or placing the avocado pit in the dip.

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