What Are Some Side Effects of Using Splenda?


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Some side effects of using Splenda can include migraines, bloating, rashes, hives, dizziness and intestinal cramping. Consuming large amounts of Splenda may also cause diarrhea, notes MedicineNet.

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The use of chlorine in Splenda production is the cause of most side effects associated with this artificial sweetener, notes DrAxe.com. A number of studies classify chlorine as a carcinogen.

Almost all Splenda passes through the body undigested, which is why it is a zero-calorie sweetener; however, studies indicate that around 3 percent of consumed Splenda may stay in the body with moderate use. This number increases to around 8 percent with heavy consumption, notes DrAxe.com. The long-term impact of chlorine being stored in the body is still unclear.

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