What Are Some Side Effects of Ingesting Canola Oil?


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Consuming canola oil can cause fatty deposits to accumulated on hearts, thyroids, adrenal glands and kidneys. Canola oil has been shown to inhibit enzyme function, according to Natural News. It also prohibits a compound that is required in the process of transmitting signals from the nerves to the muscles.

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Only animal studies have been done when it comes to the harmful effects that canola oil has on living beings. The oil is a by-product of a toxic insecticide product, which is where most of the damage comes from. This oil is in fact an industrial oil product taken from the rapeseed plant. Rapeseed oil is also the source for mustard gas, which is most commonly used as a chemical warfare agent, and is known to kill people due to the blistering it causes in the throat and lungs when inhaled.

Canola oil is found in almost all fast foods, convenience foods, chocolates, candies, lunch meats, margarine, tortillas and most other bakery foods, typically anything that is considered unhealthy. Canola oil is also reportedly believed to be the cause of such health risks as respiratory illnesses, loss of vision, constipation, irritability and low birth weight in infants because of its inhibition on transmissions to the body, notes Natural News. Canola oil can be perfectly fine for the body in small amounts, but the risk of problems increases when higher amounts of convenient and fast food is consumed.

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