What Are Some Side Effects of Detox Tea?


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Possible side effects of detox diets, which sometimes involve drinking special teas, include lack of energy due to insufficient nutrients and possible addiction that can lead to health problems, according to TeensHealth. Detox diets do not lead to healthy weight loss.

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Detox diets do not provide essential nutrients the body needs to function properly, especially when a person engages in strenuous activities such as sports, notes TeensHealth. Teens, in particular, require adequate protein and calories for fast growth and development. Doctors also do not recommend detox diets to pregnant women, people with eating disorders and individuals with serious medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.

Some people become addicted to detox diets due to a particular sensation that arises from abstaining from food, states TeensHealth. The sensation is similar to the feeling associated with alcohol or nicotine. Addiction to fasting is life-threatening, as it can lead to severe eating disorders or death.

Detox diets cause temporary weight loss in which people lose water and muscle instead of fat, explains TeensHealth. Individuals typically gain back their lost weight when the detox program is finished. Rather than start an unhealthy detox diet, doctors advise eating a balanced diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, fiber, protein and calcium. The human body naturally purifies itself when a person eats a variety of nutritious foods.

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