What Are the Side Effects of Cho-Wa Tea?

What Are the Side Effects of Cho-Wa Tea?

Side effects of Cho-Wa tea are a rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and the inability to sit still. These are caused by the amount of caffeine present in it's main ingredient, green tea. Cho-Wa tea should not be consumed before bedtime, as its side effects may lead to trouble sleeping.

Cho-Wa tea boasts a number of natural ingredients that provide variety of health benefits. Green tea speeds the metabolism, which could lead to increased weight loss. Rhodiola improves mood. Ginkgo protects the body from clotting disorders and boosts memory. Lyceum lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, while euphoria fruit provides the body with iron, potassium, and vitamin C.

Many ingredients in Cho-Wa tea aim to boost the immune system. Green tea helps the body's organs to function optimally, which enhances immune functions. Astragalus root is often used by patients with cancer to boost their immune system. The shiitake, reishi and maitake mushrooms used in the tea are also immune boosters.

Cho-Wa tea is to be taken once daily. It is sold in boxes of 30 and retails for around $60.00, as of 2015.

Manufacturers claim that Cho-Wa tea is an ancient Japanese blend that was once only provided to the Tiger Shogun. The tea's maker, Dr. Kumato, learned the recipe after visiting a healer in the mountains of Japan for many years.