What Side Dishes Go Well With Pierogi?

As a savory-tasting Polish dumpling, side dishes that work well with pierogi are also ones that can stand up to its strong flavors, such as vegetables like tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, green beans and spinach. Roasting, broiling and sauteing the vegetables with spices helps the side dishes complement the meal.

Pierogi are filled dumplings popular in eastern European countries. Typical savory fillings include cheese, ground meat, potatoes or vegetables. They can also have sweet fillings as well, like berries, sweet cheese or stone fruit. This means that pierogi can serve as appetizers, main dishes or desserts. The dumplings, made from unleavened dough, are typically boiled, then served with melted butter or another topping. Different Eastern European countries have their own versions of pierogi, and the dish is made in the United States, too.