What Is a Showtime Rotisserie Recipe?


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A Showtime rotisserie recipe is any recipe made using the Ronco Showtime rotisserie oven. "Showtime rotisserie" refers to either the 4000 standard black rotisserie oven, also known as the Ronco Showtime stainless steel rotisserie and BBQ, or the 5000 digital Showtime platinum edition rotisserie.

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One Showtime rotisserie recipe is roasted garlic with toast spears. To make this recipe, cut the tops off of 4 heads of elephant garlic, and place each head on a square of aluminum foil. Pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil over each head, and wrap the foil around it. Place the garlic in the deep basket and rotate for 45 minutes or until it is very soft. Serve squeezed out on top of slices of French bread.

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