Should Wine Be Decanted?


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The answer to the question of whether wine should be decanted may vary; individuals who aren't wine connoisseurs and simply want to have a drink might argue that this is an unnecessary step, but most wine connoisseurs will advocate for some sort of airing process. Decanters are more than just fancy glass containers for wine, and they are specifically designed to help add air to a wine after it has been in an airtight bottle. Additionally, proper decanting can separate the liquid wine from the sediment that can be found in the bottle, particularly in older vintages.

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Should Wine Be Decanted?
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Some sources argue that all wines can benefit from decanting, while others argue that only certain wines need this treatment. For example, some argue that no white wines require decanting, while others say that decanting a white wine can help improve its flavor and certainly can't hurt. Any wine that has a big, strong flavor can be mellowed out a bit with decanting. Amateur wine enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about decanting should research which wines tend to benefit from decanting and how long each wine tends to need to sit before it is consumed. Generally, decanted wine is ready to consume within a few minutes, though stronger wines may require more time.

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